Our Team

The Duggan family has been providing construction services to the St. Louis Metro area for over 30 years.  The Duggan model began with the foundation of hardworking carpenters and a few select superintendents, one of which was Duggan Contracting President, Pat Duggan.

Under the leadership of Pat Duggan, Duggan Contracting incorporated in 1995 with just a few loyal clients and dedicated employees.  We have built our company on those relationships to become the full service General Contractor that we are today, while maintaining the same one-on-one level of service provided to our clients over 30 years ago.

Duggan Contracting consistently runs many carpenters and laborers with qualified superintendents.  Our Project Management team consists of dedicated construction managers with a vast range of experience including: field construction, retail construction, business management, and architecture.  The components of our team consist of:

 Pat Duggan – President
 Bob Hiller – Senior Project Manager/Business Development
 Ryan Duggan – Project Manager
 Jason Saenz - Project Manager
 Scott Pogrelis - Project Manager
 Grant Sharp - Project Manager
 Aden Vickrey - Project Manager
 Joe Dale - Architect



Each Duggan Contracting team member welcomes your construction challenge as our next opportunity!